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Wood stock society


Wood Stock integrates colorful spectrum of different individuals, each with its shade, the specifics and charisma. We are a cheerful, creative, spirited, curious, lively and calm, flexible, curious and passionate.
Jaka Jančič
I am the founder of Wood Stock trade mark. A food technician by profession I was never really interested in this kind of work except when showing my creativeness behind the kitchen-range at home. Since my early years my hand skills have been obvious. I liked to draw, I was always making something. After my elemetary school I wanted to become a dental technician, but it was not meant to be.
Tamara Jančič
I am a co-author of this wonderful story. I am an optician by profession. Wood Stock thoroughly changed my life. I stopped watching TV and started to be more perceptive for the world around me. For the world which is not introduced to us at school. In my spare time I like to read books, the books that are enlightening leaving an impression.