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Creating glasses with a soul

    We believe in manual production, quality materials and a chosen design. Dedicated we concentrate on details and unique shapes. Breathing in a soul we devote our love and attention to each and every frame. We make unique specimens. For yourself who are unique as well.

    The application of spring hindges achieves a minimum pressure from eyewear temples to the head causing a sense of lightness and freedom. Wood as a natural material makes the skin breathe preventing it from perspiration. For your comfort and total pleasure.

    Our frames are durable tested under extreme conditions. Firmly believing in their quality, we offer a lifelong warranty in case of our error or malfunctioning. For total satisfaction.

    We love wood as well as anything natural. We believe that any contact with manmade materials is harmful for the skin and body. At Wood Stock, therefore, we speak in favour of using natural materials that are friendly for your health. In order to protect our wood from external influences we only use natural coatings from citrus oils and beeswax. This is our promise and obligation. For you should feel at your best.


Would you like to make a step forward having custom-made glasses?

Would you like your glasses to be made of your favourite wood? Or maybe just adapting an existent RAW Collection frame to your face? Make your own specimen.

Express your uniqueness. Express yourself.


    We closely work with Hoya, one of the best manufacturers of lenses in the world, renowned to use the finest and highly durable materials. Due to their anti-reflex and other coatings of the highest quality a vision comfort is guaranteed.
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Prescription glasses are no longer merely a device to see better, yet they are a fashion accessory. You will proudly wear and expose your wooden eyewear. The most important is, however, that your vision will be sharp by providing you with our quality lenses. On stock we hold prescription glasses and prescription sunglasses.


Are broken glasses to be thrown into a litterbin? Not in our case! We are willing to repair any broken or damaged glasses that were purchased in our shop. Contact us even if you just want to renew your glasses giving them back the original look they had when they were purchased.

Nives Orešnik
Nives Orešnik is an interesting young woman, full of positive energy and a catching smile. Highly professional while working, always giving her best no matter how challenging the working conditions are. She is known for her modelling, photo modelling and working as a personal trainer. She left a mark in many advertising campaigns and was also Miss Slovenia 2012 ...
Aleš Bravničar
Photographer, loving father of two girls, traveller and passionate hedonist. Looking for beautiful things, people with genuine energy and memorable moments. Aleš Bravničar is one of the most sought-after and best selling Slovenian photographers, with a broad and rich collection of works ...
Jaka Jančič
I am the founder of Wood Stock trade mark. A food technician by profession I was never really interested in this kind of work except when showing my creativeness behind the kitchen-range at home. Since my early years my hand skills have been obvious. I liked to draw, I was always making something. After my elemetary school I wanted to become a dental technician, but it was not meant to be.
Tamara Jančič
I am a co-author of this wonderful story. I am an optician by profession. Wood Stock thoroughly changed my life. I stopped watching TV and started to be more perceptive for the world around me. For the world which is not introduced to us at school. In my spare time I like to read books, the books that are enlightening leaving an impression.
Jago Stemberger
Born in a family of a hard Spartan upbringing with the only values in education and hard work – though not in money. Noone would listen to my dreams, and there were no finances. Work, discipline, constant drill and pride were the priorities. Father demanded and expected the best, always the best from me. Soon I learned how not to give in, how to persist to the end at all times.
Matic Murko
I would describe myself as a modest »fellow« from Kranj. As busy as a bee, though a bit disobedient occassionally.... Since my young days I have been handy for many an odd job, so I decided to acquire a technical education. I love to work, nothing is too difficult for me, and I am a very openminded person, too. I like to meet new people, hanging out with friends means everything to me.
Luka Sladić
I am a dental technician by profession. I am keen on sports and I like hanging out with my friends who fill up a good part of my daily life. I do believe that everyone should have ten best friends at least.
Lea Džanan
Life is beautiful. Interesting and playful with its ups and downs, full of apparent coincidents offering new possibilities and opportunities. To learn, to discover, to change. I can hardly imagine life without constant learning. A continuous changing is a part of nature itself showing the image of a perpetual continuity with different processes going on daily in order to follow the constant cycle.