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It all began a few years ago in Slovenske Konjice, a small town in Slovenia, where Jaka Jančič, the founder, designer and mastercraftsman of Wood Stock manufacturing, wanted to become a dental technician after finishing elementary school. Taking the acceptance test he received highest marks possible in hand skills. Still until 2011 his life kept Jaka away from creating. »Then I came across some wooden glasses immediately knowing that that was to be my product. I was 30 always longing to form and shape as long as I remembered. I started in my grandma's garage without anything. How to make glasses in the first place?« Jaka spent his days and nights there ...
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Sophisticated WOODS

We love to push the boundaries, always taking a step forward, showing our abilities and creativity. This is the reason why we are searching for rare timbers, which carries profound stories and strong energy. We call them Wood Stock Sophisticated Woods.

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Essential WOODS

We deeply respect Nature which is our inspiration and motivation. Due to the attractive appearance and durability, we often make use of exotic woods. The most commonly used woods in our workshop are: wenge, zebrawood (zebrano), padouk and walnut. We call them Wood Stock Essential Woods. Each of them has its own specifics.
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